November Show '11: Herman Cain ( DAMN YC NEWS )

Who is Herman Cain?

Herman Cain He is a husband, father, and grandfather. He is a former businessman, CEO (Godfather Pizza) , and radio show host. In all, he is a self made man who has never been phased by what is expedient or easy. Obama has his world famous "Hope for Change" proposal, now Herman has his own, 999 plan. No, its not a pizza deal, its just his proposal to help change America. His "999 plan" incorporates a 9% flat income tax, a 9% corporate tax, and a 9% national sales tax. On the surface, a flat 9% looks great for those with incremental tax rates. He hopes that his new proposal will help him win the election. He actually is the number #1 choice, right now, for the Republican party.

Here's a question for you guys, Do you think the "999 plan" wil be great to help the faliling econmy?

How long you think it will last after puting this plan into action?

Do you think this candidate is strong enough to run against President Obama?

Can he outlast the allegations of sexual harassment as his campaign marches on?

November Show '11: 2012 Elections ( DAMN YC NEWS)



Next year will be that time again when we may elect our 45th President. Obama shocked the world when he became the first African American president in US history and took down one of the most notorious terrorist, Osama Bin Laden . What can Republican candidates such as Herman Cain, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Michele Bachmann do to win over the appeal of the American public and be able to go to move forward. These Canidates hopes to reprsents you, the people. These are important times for americans. WHo will lead us away from political unrestand a fairer economy.

November Show '11: Mass Direct Action (DAMN YC NEWS)

Poster for N17 Mass Direct Action: Print and Post Freely!

This flyers explains what plans the protesters is going to do on Thursday November 17, 2011. First, at 7:00am, the are going to rally at City Hall to the stock market. There, they are going to share stories of people who hit rock bottom during this economic crisis. 3:00pm, they are going to take the occupation to the streets and the subway by sharing stories and also travel the five boroughs. At 5:00pm the protesters is going to rally at Foley Square in solidarity with laborers demanding jobs to rebuild this country's infrastructure and economy. Also there's going to a gospel chior and a marching band to suuport the movement. GO GET Em' GUYS!

Now, I have a question for all of you, will this movement impact the history of New York city or maybe the world?

From this epic movement, do you think the protesters have what it takes to change the economic and polittical system of the World?