January Show '11: John Gillete Music Video (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

John Gillete is a dancer/ choreographer and he also teaches dance across the country and is considered an "expert" who is constantly invited to judge dance competitions nationwide. His newest projects for 2010 include being featured in 2 Network Commercials for The Disney Channel and The Cartoon Network, as well as the new Weber Grills "Just Have Fun" campaign which is currently airing nationwide. Check out the video for one of his single entitled "Party Of the Year". Enjoy! Well be right back.

January Show '11: NoMAA (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

Come visit NOMAA, Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance. NOMAA promotes the arts and enables the success of low-income artists from underserved communities, and stimulates economic development in the neighborhoods they serve. They have a series of programs to foster the works of artist and arts organizations in Washington Heights and Inwood...CHECK IT OUT!

January Show '11: Sheldon Clarke on 1003 (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

On this episode we are joined with Sheldon Clarke. Sheldon J. Clarke is a Brooklyn, New York born, raised aspiring actor. He has been filmed in several shorts including The NBA Pre Draft Short where he plays crooked coach, Carl, a few features including The Ten Crack Commandments where he plays a conflicted drug dealer, Kevin, and a promo for HBO's hit series True Blood where he portrays a Vampire Football Star. On this show we interview Sheldon about his role in "1003" Check it out!


December Show '10: Introduction (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

We have a special show for you today just in time for the holidays! Wether you are celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa , Hanukkah, or New Years Eve. It is a time when people from different kinds of backgrounds come together, when families come together to celebrate life, creating memories through traditions. Make a tradition of watching the Youth Channel, it is our gift to you. The Youth Channel has several shows that are well produced by youth from across the nation from other non-profit youth media organizations.  Some of the highlighted shows you will be seeing today on this episode of DAMN YC News will be Drop T.V. from Poughkeepsie, NY ...Swept T.V from Boca Raton Florida and Hard Cover T.V from Chicago ....Lets get started with Drop T.V.

December Show '10: Drop TV (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

Drop T.V. is a type of show that not only speaks to the youth but also to every type of individual affected by the world around them. The gift of freedom to express oneself through documentary films is shown at Drop T.V. Everything from short films, animation, to poetry. You can catch Drop T.V. on the Youth Channel on Mondays from 3-4pm. www.youthchannel.org

December Show '10: Swept Away TV (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

Swept Away is about a show called Rock Star Stories. The host Ramen has interviews with up and coming bands, that have came together for the Wrap Tour. Rock Star Stories offers an exclusive look to the different bands music videos, information about their music and album releases. You can catch Swept Away T.V. on the Youth Channel on Tuesdays at 3pm. www.youthchannel.org

December Show '10: Hardcover TV (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

Hard Cover T. V shows documentary films taking place in chicago. About choices teenagers have to make when they are stuck in a crossroad in life. Be sure to check out Hard Cover T.V . on the Youth Channel. You can catch Hard Cover T.V . on the Youth Channel on Tuesdays from 4-5pm. www.youthchannel.org

December Show '10: Beyond the Hijab (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

In NYC there are 8.1 million people ...600,000 of them are muslim...Habibah Ahmad is one of them and through her documentary film called " Beyond the Hijab, Struggling against stereotypes", she tells her story about what it was like growing up as a black muslim women. One of the main stereotypes that people assume is that Muslim is a nationality, not a religion...Habibah Ahmad grow up explaining that she is Muslim, even though she is black and not an Arab. Islam is a choice!! just like everything else in life is. Check this out! www.youthchannel.org