December Show '07: New Years greetings

Happy New Year!!!!

We would like to thank all of our community collaborations this year. Do you have a New Years Resolution? The Producers of D.A.M.N. Y.C.'s resolution is to keep the hot topics coming. We are going to capture everything and anything cool in 2008. If you here of any cool events and would like to notify D.A.M.N. Y.C. Producers, please email us at youth@youthchannel.org .

We hope everybody has a very memorable New Year. Take care, be safe and have a happy holiday season.

December Show '07: Holiday Greetings

Happy Holidays

We would like to thank All our community collaborations: Smart youth, ASPIRA of NY, Youth on the move, Manhattan Christian Academy, Beginning with Children Academy,and Beginning with children charter school.

We also like to thank our Youth Channel productions: Palestinian Education Project & New York State Youth Leadership council, Defense Against Media Nonsense News,and Youth Media Impacting Communities.

We wish everybody a happy and healthy holiday season.


November Show '07: DAMN YC NEWS Talent: HBB

If you think you have talent, email the Production Coordinator at the Youth Channel. You can be in our studios , doing what you do best. We want all talents. Singers, Dancers, Poets, Rappers, Artists....We want it all!

Contact the Production Coordinator at youth@youthchanel.org.
Visit the Youth Channel Website: www.youthchannel.org

November Show '07: Barack Obama Rally Sept. 27th

Protestors and supporters gather as Barack Obama makes his way to NYC. In Washington Park on Sept 27th, he came to speak about his issues and to introduce himself to a crowd of potential voters. Malik Parker, one of the Y.C.'s very own Youth Producers filmed this event.
Check out what some college students and High schoolers think about Barack coming to their city!

November Show '07: The Jena 6 Walkout

In October this year, College students walked out of class to support the fight to free the Jena 6. In Washington Square Park, Kids from NYU and other neighboring high schools came out to shout chants of protest, meanwhile holding up signed that read "Justice for the Jena 6". It was cool to see young people come together to really speak out on an issue as grim as this one. Check this segment out, and never forget....the Jena 6!

Novemeber Show '07: Hip Hip Beyond Beats and Rhymes

A few weeks ago there was a screening of a documentary about hip hop culture, the controversial lyrics and the defilement of woman in hip hop. The documentary was called "Hip Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes" . After the screening of this film, there a panel discussion with artists such as La Bruja, Tim 'm West and Talib Kweli and more. Check out what some hip hop heads have to say about hip hop, where its been, and where its going. Enjoy!

November Show '07: D.A.M.N. Y.C. End of Show

I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of DAMN Y.C. news. Hopefully you guys learned something, as well as enjoyed yourselves. You can check out all these clips and more on the blog site Damnyc.blogspot.com. Info on other Y.C. websites are posted as links on this site as well. Before we go, we are going to leave you with another performance by H.B.B. This song is entitled "Ce Family". Have a good week NYC!


October Show '07: DAMN YC NEWS BP Tablists, Event Goers and Performers

DAMN Y.C. News producers ask organizations that had information tables, performers and block party event goers what they thought about the event. The producers needed to know who is who and made a point to ask everyone. If you were at the block party, you probably got interviewed by the DAMN crew.
Watch this clip!

October Show '07: DAMN YC NEWS End of Block Party

The DAMN YC News Producers had so much fun at this Block Party. With all the interviews, meeting the great people of the East Harlem community, giving out artificial tatoos for kids, dancing to the music and painting on the mural. If you want to know more about the Youth Channel log on to www.youthchannel.org.
For clips visit our Youtube page: www.youtube.com/mnnyouthchannel
To be one of youth channel's frieds on Myspace: www.myspace.com/youthchannel
Thanks for watching this episode of the Y.C.'s D.A.M.N. Y.C. News.

October Show '07: DAMN YC NEWS BP The Mural, Some History and More

DAMN Y.C. News Producers, Andrea and Elodie talk top performers, event tablists, and event goers about there thoughts on M.N.N. moving to the Firehouse for the September 15th Block Party in East Harlem. People were having fun! You should of been there people! Luckily the DAMN Producers captured this event for you to still experience. Check it out.

October Show '07: DAMN YC NEWS BP Press Conference

City Officials, the State Senator, Executive Directors and all gathered in front of the firehouse to commend MNN and the Youth Channel foir acquiring this space. In the East Harlem concrete, grew a rose. That rose is MNN's sattelite. They speak about all the positive ways that this new facility can promote positive change in it's sorrounding community. Here what some powerful political figures have to say about the Firehouse. Check it out!

October Show '07: DAMN YC NEWS Block Party Music

DAMN YC News Producers, Andrea and Elodie talk about how the music performances went down for the September 15th Block Party in East Harlem. It was fun! There was Bomba, Salsa, Reggae, Rap, Rock n Roll and more. The music truely represented the community and was a great way to get people moving and excited about MNN moving to their neighborhood. Check out the cool performances.


September Show '07: DAMN Y.C. NEWS Summer On the Hudson

DAMN Y.C. News producers looked at a cool event for young people and their parents to come and have fun. The "Summer on the Hudson" event is where the fun lives during the summer time. They have activities for teens, younger kids and parents alike. Y.C. producers Andrea, Elodie and Jose ask parents, kids and organizers about how they enjoy their summer on the Hudson river. They received only good feedback about the event. You can't miss next time it comes around. Want to know more info visit www.nyc.gov/parks. Watch this clip!

September Show '07: DAMN Y.C. NEWS Studio Museum of Harlem

D.A.M.N. Y.C. News went out to the Studio Museum of Harlem to ask questions about a photography program for youth. Christine got on the Expanding the Walls is an eight month long program for youth to come in to the museum, learn about community, learn about some experts in photography and take some pictures yourself, that have a chance in being displayed in the Museum. Want to learn more, watch this clip and visit The Studio Museum of Harlems website. www.studiomuseum.org

September Show '07: DAMN Y.C. NEWS International Youth Day

Did you know what the "International Youth Day Festival" is? Check it out, the D.A.M.N. Y.C. News Producers went out to find out what happens at the IYD. Y.C. producers Jose and Shavar interviewed a radio personality, a WNBA veteran and organizers involved to see what this festival is, and what it can offer to New York City's youth. Want to know more. Watch the clip!

September Show '07; DAMN Y.C. NEWS Sex and Hip Hop

The D.A.M.N. Y.C. News Crew went out into the city streets to conduct interviews about hip-hop and it's use of sex to sell. The producers of D.A.M.N. really wanted to see if people are noticing how the industry uses this tool to send messages about "beauty", "what's hot" and "what's sexy". There is also talk about gangster rap and how the media perceives it. Very interesting folks. Tune in to D.A.M.N. Y.C. News on the Youth Channel! www.youthchannel.org

September Show '07: DAMN Y.C. NEWS Breaking Down the Media

D.A.M.N. Y.C. News wanted to know how young people feel about the music video "Clockwork" by Juelz Santana. A group of interns from the Y.C. give their personal viewpoints on the video, breaking down some of the text and subtext analytically. This is D.A.M.N's crack at showing how young people receive media and what are some of their concerns around the many media outlets that we depend on in our everyday. Want to know more about how you can become a Y.C. intern, or get involved in a convo like this? Visit the Y.C. website. www.youthchannel.org


April Show '07: SPNN Youth Talk About Collaboration

this is a short clip of raw footage taken in St. Paul when YC staffer, Andrew Lynn did some travelling to meet some of the partners in the Youth Video Exchange Network project the youth shown in the video are a couple of the members of Set It Up!, a show produced by youth producers at SPNN. We really hope to do some themed collaborative productions over the next few months... so stay tuned!!

andrew L.


March Show '07: UVfF slam

Youth Media Video Slam 2007

Calling all youth ages 13-20.
Urban Visionaries Film Festival wants YOU!
For two years running, filmmakers from Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey have taken back-to-back titles. Will Tri-State slammers school the five boroughs for a third year, or will the glory return to New York City? Our youth and Urban Visionaries alumni jury will award three top prizes, and the audience will vote on a Best-in-Slam Audience Award. The competition is tough, so bring your best stuff!


March Show '07: "N" Word P.S.A.

this PSA was produced as a part of the YMIC program at the Youth channel. it explores the controversy behind the "N" word.


March Show '07: Urban Visionaries

Founded in 1996 by a small collective of youth media groups, the Urban Visionaries Film Festival (UVFF) has become New York Citys only film festival produced, promoted and presented by youth. What started as a series of local screenings is now a full-fledged youth-curated festival.


January Show '07: JANY's Groundhog Job Shadow Day

Junior Achievement of New York (JANY) has announced a marathon week of high-profile executive “Dream Job Shadow” activities leading up to the Tenth Annual National JA Groundhog Job Shadow Day, to be held on Friday, February 2nd (Groundhog Day), kicking off the organization’s highly successful, year-round JA Job Shadow Program Students shadow business professionals in the workplace to learn about various career options. This year, JANY’s 2007 Dream Job Shadow Week will expose hundreds of NYC and Long Island students to rare opportunities to be mentored by top “movers & shakers” in the business world. Companies around NYC and Long Island will help students make connections between the skills they study in school and success at work. Almost 700 students will spend time with business leaders, media executives, civic leaders and other professionals.

“Groundhog Job Shadow Day allows students to listen, observe and understand day-to-day activities at a variety of workplaces and opens up new career opportunities and avenues of success,” said JANY President, Doug Schallau. Sounds Cool, want to hear some comments from those whove actually done a JANY Job Shadow? Tune into D.A.M.N. Y.C. News on the Youth Channel.

To get involved with Junior Achievement of New York.


January Show '07: Project Reach March for HIV/Aids awareness

Crew: Habibah Ahmad, Omar Sully, Ryan Hinton, Mariela Rosario, Max Benitez,Sharlene Thompson, Noelson Jacques, Christen Cofer. Synopsis: protestors march over the brooklyn bridge to raise AIDS/HIV awareness. Time: 5:08

January Show '07: World Cant Wait October 10th protest

Crew: Ryan Hinton, Omar Sully, Sharlene Thompson, Noelson Jacques, Christen Cofer Synopsis: on october 10, 2006 protestors gathered near the United Nations building, then marched from there all the way to union square in protest of President Bush, and the Iraq war. Time: 4:33

January Show '07: African Burial Ground Segment

Crew: Omar Sully, Ryan Hinton, Christen Cofer About: on September 29, 2006 people gathered at chambers street by city hall to celebrate african american culture, and also to remember the lives of the ancestors who's remains were found under the streets of that district. Time: 4:11