December Show '09: Hoops By the River

Patrick Forman, a Youth Channel Producer produced this segment about "Hoops By The River", a a cool basketball program for young people in lower manhattan. If you want to get into something fun and physical right in your backyard, check out this segment. For more info, google Hoops By the River. Sign up and play!

December Show '09: Youth Channel Horror Expo

The Youth Channel had a horror expo that featured cool horror films produced by youth groups around the city, as well as the Youth Channel's Feature "Mr. Labinnac" . Over 80 People came and they all had a horrifically entertaining time. Chelsea Manifold came to talk about her work in prosthetics and taught some young people there how to do zombie makeup on themselves. Check out this cool segment.

December Show '09: Paramore Concert Segment

Maria Gomez, a Youth Channel producer wanted the world to see the beauty of musical group "Paramore". She produced this musical segment on these young "shooting stars". According to their fans, Paramore heals with their music. They have a large following and the lead singer is a young person. How cool is that? Check out this segment.

December Show '09: DAMN YC Opener

Welcome to the Youth Channel’s Defense Against Media Nonsense news show! Our news show is different from other news shows because the DAMN YC News is made for youth, by youth.
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