September Shot '10: Show Intro

September D.A.M.N. Y.C. NEWS. Intro.

September Shot '10: Hector Ramirez

Hector Ramirez came down to the studio to show us some of his breakdancing skills. Check out some of his moves and log on to www.youthchannel.org to get involved with all the media magic.

September Shot '10: Hip Hop 101

Malik Parker, is a MNN YC producer who has thoughts of creating a game show called Hip Hop 10. Malik Parker has been part of the Youth Channel since he was a young teen. In this segment he introduces his ideas for creating the first game show ever. www.youthchannel.org

September Shot '10: Music Trivia

Do you know how many solo albums Jay Z has had? How about Drake’s real name? Well the D.A.M.N. Y.C. News Reporters went out into the street to see if youth and other pedestrians knew some trivial info on some of our country’s pop icons. Check out this fun, light segment about Music Trivia.


September Shot '10: Ramsey Harrison Perf. Part 1

Ramsey Harrison comes down to the Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Youth Channel to perform two original songs. Check this out and see part 2 to this video for the second performance.


September Shot '10: Ramsey Harrison Perf. Part 2

Ramsey H. Performance part 2. Enjoy!