September Show '07: DAMN Y.C. NEWS Summer On the Hudson

DAMN Y.C. News producers looked at a cool event for young people and their parents to come and have fun. The "Summer on the Hudson" event is where the fun lives during the summer time. They have activities for teens, younger kids and parents alike. Y.C. producers Andrea, Elodie and Jose ask parents, kids and organizers about how they enjoy their summer on the Hudson river. They received only good feedback about the event. You can't miss next time it comes around. Want to know more info visit www.nyc.gov/parks. Watch this clip!

September Show '07: DAMN Y.C. NEWS Studio Museum of Harlem

D.A.M.N. Y.C. News went out to the Studio Museum of Harlem to ask questions about a photography program for youth. Christine got on the Expanding the Walls is an eight month long program for youth to come in to the museum, learn about community, learn about some experts in photography and take some pictures yourself, that have a chance in being displayed in the Museum. Want to learn more, watch this clip and visit The Studio Museum of Harlems website. www.studiomuseum.org

September Show '07: DAMN Y.C. NEWS International Youth Day

Did you know what the "International Youth Day Festival" is? Check it out, the D.A.M.N. Y.C. News Producers went out to find out what happens at the IYD. Y.C. producers Jose and Shavar interviewed a radio personality, a WNBA veteran and organizers involved to see what this festival is, and what it can offer to New York City's youth. Want to know more. Watch the clip!

September Show '07; DAMN Y.C. NEWS Sex and Hip Hop

The D.A.M.N. Y.C. News Crew went out into the city streets to conduct interviews about hip-hop and it's use of sex to sell. The producers of D.A.M.N. really wanted to see if people are noticing how the industry uses this tool to send messages about "beauty", "what's hot" and "what's sexy". There is also talk about gangster rap and how the media perceives it. Very interesting folks. Tune in to D.A.M.N. Y.C. News on the Youth Channel! www.youthchannel.org

September Show '07: DAMN Y.C. NEWS Breaking Down the Media

D.A.M.N. Y.C. News wanted to know how young people feel about the music video "Clockwork" by Juelz Santana. A group of interns from the Y.C. give their personal viewpoints on the video, breaking down some of the text and subtext analytically. This is D.A.M.N's crack at showing how young people receive media and what are some of their concerns around the many media outlets that we depend on in our everyday. Want to know more about how you can become a Y.C. intern, or get involved in a convo like this? Visit the Y.C. website. www.youthchannel.org