May Show '11: Yan Carlos Mejia (D.A.M.N Y.C News)

Yan Carlos produced En Alerta T.V. Its a show about celebrity Gossip, pop culture, and trivial world news. Yan Carlos is the first producer on Youth Channel to make a news show in spanish. Stick around to hear what Yan Carlos talks about his show. DAMN YC News reporter Jammell Sykes has the scoop. www.youthchannel.org


May Show' 11: Jose Interview (D.A.M.N. .Y.C News)

On this episode of D.A.M.N News, we are going to meet one of Youth Channel's producer, Jose, Serrano. Jose hosts his own show entitled the Jose News Show. Jose's show showcases young talent, entrepreneurs, youth organizations, rally's, politics and more. He has done interviews with notable city officials as well as youth from different backgrounds. He uses twitter, facebook, and other social networks to communicate with his supporters and finding information. Check out this interview done by reporter, Manny Rosario as we look into how Jose uses new media tactics as a tool to foster interactivity with his shows content and the viewers that watch them. www.youthchannel.org

May Show '11: School Budget Cuts ( D.A.M.N. Y.C News)

The district has proposed eliminating the equivalent of 42 full-time teachers (12 come from dropping full-time kindergarten, 10 are special education teachers who helped with workloads) and 40 support staff next year. That would save about $6 million in salaries and benefits but would drive up class sizes. The average teacher earns $67,400 per year, though during layoffs, it's typically lower-paid teachers who receive pink slips. Check out what people in New York think about this current atrocity! www.youthchannel.org

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