January Show '10: Harlem River

Poet/ Actor Eugene Jones speaks in powerful words about an at risk youth that was left behind. This tale is a common one and the dialogue needs to be reintroduced to support misguided youth everywhere with similar issues. For more info on Eugene Jones and his work log on to slangshotmedia.com


January Show '10: UNICEF

In 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child became the first legally binding international convention to affirm human rights for all children. While great progress has been made on child rights in the past 20 years, much work remains to be done. Check out this clip featuring some youth activists from around the world that proactively fight for child rights. The event vibe was hopeful and now it is up to us to be the change, in support of this great cause. For more info on UNICEF and their events, log on to Unicef.org


January Show '10: Yellow Girl (Short Film)

"The Yellow Girl" is a short film directed By Wilian Ferman Starring: Nicholas Marratta as Till Gogh Blaine Morris as The Yellow Girl Inspired by "Yellow" a song by the British band Coldplay. This is a silent film, so the story is told through imagery and a musical soundtrack. What is this film about you? Check it out!


January Show '10: Y.M.I.C. starts this month!

The Youth Channels Youth Media Impacting Communities Program begins this month! All the youth in the program will be featured in promos, T.V. productions and more. Look out for fresh faces in our Youth Channel Programming, and more up-and-coming, aspiring producers and filmmakers. For more info on the Y.M.I.C. program and what its about, log on to youthchannel.org and click on the Y.M.I.C. link.