July Show '10: Rebel Diaz Art Collective

RDAC or more known Rebel Diaz Arts collective is like a chill spot whose point is to promote activism and is a place where many artists go to express their emotions and to share their music.
Check out this cool chill space for artists of all kinds.
For more info google Rebel Diaz, and will find music, videos and more.


July Show '10: Judi's House

The vision of Judi's House is a community in which no child has to feel alone in grief. Their mission is to help children and families who are grieving the death of a loved one find hope and healing within themselves. Check out this segment and see how these youth heal.


July Show '10: Oversexed Youth

What is going on in today’s media? Are teens truly oversexed? We went out in the streets of NYC to see what people had to say about this issue. Check out this clip and stay tuned to DAMN YC NEWS.


July Show '10: ESPN Sports Day

Sports fans will have the opportunity to participate in various interactive sports-related games, demonstrations and giveaways as part of the Family Festival Street Fair. Check out this clip and tune in for more cool D.A.M.N. Y.C. News segments.


July Show '10: Fight Back- Catch Wrek

Catch Wreck is an Hip Hop artist who draws his lyrical influence from
the struggles faced by people of color. His song "Fight Back" serves
as a protest against the oppression caused by police. Check out the
video for this song directed by Rene Dongo.



DAMN YC NEW June 2010

DAMN YC News June '10 show opener.

June Show '10: Big

The YC was on the scene for the special screening of the classic movie "Big" at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. Everyone had a blast enjoying classic carnival-style fun on the waterfront including face painters, fortune tellers, games, trivia contests, music and more before the screening of this beloved comedy. Check out the interviews that were conducted by DAMN YC New’s Producers. Check it out!


June Show '10: Trivia

We went out into the streets of Manhattan to ask Straphangers what they knew or didn't know about, How Many Trains are there in the MTA system? The responses were interesting. Check out this segment and see what Leydiana finds.


June Show '10: "Birth of Big Air"

At another Tribeca Film Festival Drive-in Screening, there were BMX street tricks and freestyle demonstrations took place on the upper and lower plazas to highlight the world premiere of this new ESPN Films documentary "Birth of Big Air". There was a
spectacular stunt extravaganza featuring BMX pioneer Mat Hoffman, a.k.a. “The Condor.” Jorge was on the scene at this event, so check out this what kind of people and activities that were available. Enjoy!


June Show '10: PSA

Check out some PSAs from our June Episode of D.A.M.N.!


June Show '10: AJ "Louder"

Born and Raised in the city of Boston, A.J brings the energy with lyrical ingenuity in his debut video "Louder" directed by Rene Dongo. Check it out!


June Show '10: Free Speech Animation

This segment is an animation depicts visuals that about free speech. It’s a message to all of us, saying that censorship is something the US as citizens must fight against. It’s very interesting and catches the eye.

Check it out!