January Show '11: John Gillete Music Video (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

John Gillete is a dancer/ choreographer and he also teaches dance across the country and is considered an "expert" who is constantly invited to judge dance competitions nationwide. His newest projects for 2010 include being featured in 2 Network Commercials for The Disney Channel and The Cartoon Network, as well as the new Weber Grills "Just Have Fun" campaign which is currently airing nationwide. Check out the video for one of his single entitled "Party Of the Year". Enjoy! Well be right back.

January Show '11: NoMAA (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

Come visit NOMAA, Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance. NOMAA promotes the arts and enables the success of low-income artists from underserved communities, and stimulates economic development in the neighborhoods they serve. They have a series of programs to foster the works of artist and arts organizations in Washington Heights and Inwood...CHECK IT OUT!

January Show '11: Sheldon Clarke on 1003 (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

On this episode we are joined with Sheldon Clarke. Sheldon J. Clarke is a Brooklyn, New York born, raised aspiring actor. He has been filmed in several shorts including The NBA Pre Draft Short where he plays crooked coach, Carl, a few features including The Ten Crack Commandments where he plays a conflicted drug dealer, Kevin, and a promo for HBO's hit series True Blood where he portrays a Vampire Football Star. On this show we interview Sheldon about his role in "1003" Check it out!


December Show '10: Introduction (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

We have a special show for you today just in time for the holidays! Wether you are celebrating Christmas, Kwanzaa , Hanukkah, or New Years Eve. It is a time when people from different kinds of backgrounds come together, when families come together to celebrate life, creating memories through traditions. Make a tradition of watching the Youth Channel, it is our gift to you. The Youth Channel has several shows that are well produced by youth from across the nation from other non-profit youth media organizations.  Some of the highlighted shows you will be seeing today on this episode of DAMN YC News will be Drop T.V. from Poughkeepsie, NY ...Swept T.V from Boca Raton Florida and Hard Cover T.V from Chicago ....Lets get started with Drop T.V.

December Show '10: Drop TV (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

Drop T.V. is a type of show that not only speaks to the youth but also to every type of individual affected by the world around them. The gift of freedom to express oneself through documentary films is shown at Drop T.V. Everything from short films, animation, to poetry. You can catch Drop T.V. on the Youth Channel on Mondays from 3-4pm. www.youthchannel.org

December Show '10: Swept Away TV (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

Swept Away is about a show called Rock Star Stories. The host Ramen has interviews with up and coming bands, that have came together for the Wrap Tour. Rock Star Stories offers an exclusive look to the different bands music videos, information about their music and album releases. You can catch Swept Away T.V. on the Youth Channel on Tuesdays at 3pm. www.youthchannel.org

December Show '10: Hardcover TV (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

Hard Cover T. V shows documentary films taking place in chicago. About choices teenagers have to make when they are stuck in a crossroad in life. Be sure to check out Hard Cover T.V . on the Youth Channel. You can catch Hard Cover T.V . on the Youth Channel on Tuesdays from 4-5pm. www.youthchannel.org

December Show '10: Beyond the Hijab (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

In NYC there are 8.1 million people ...600,000 of them are muslim...Habibah Ahmad is one of them and through her documentary film called " Beyond the Hijab, Struggling against stereotypes", she tells her story about what it was like growing up as a black muslim women. One of the main stereotypes that people assume is that Muslim is a nationality, not a religion...Habibah Ahmad grow up explaining that she is Muslim, even though she is black and not an Arab. Islam is a choice!! just like everything else in life is. Check this out! www.youthchannel.org


November Show '10: DAMN YC News Show Introduction (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

What's up New York? Welcome to the Youth Channel's Defense Against Media Nonsense news show! Our news show is different from other news shows because the DAMN YC News is made for youth, by youth. We cover topics that you want to see from political events, community news to independent music videos, rallies, movies and other topics you care about. DAMN offers a look at community issues that are under exposed in the media. It's uncut; it's different; it's about change. It's Defense Against Media Nonsense.

Log on to www.youthchannel.org and find out info on how to be a part of the Youth Channel family and be an anchor on our news show!

November Show '10: Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre part 1 (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre, also known as PRITT, was founded in 1967 and is known for its professional Latino, bilingual theater movement in New York City and across the United States. Their mission is to provide an educated experience in presenting and producing truly bilingual professional theater. PRITT offers a wide variety of programs in theater, for both adults and youth...CHECK IT OUT!

Log on to www.youthchannel.org and find out info on how to be a part of the Youth Channel family and be an anchor on our news show!

November Show '10: YMIC Documentary Clip (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

The students of Youth Channel's Y.M.I.C. Program got together to make this documentary about Relationships called "Relationships: A Twisted Social Playground" about how both gender's handle approaching the opposite sex, the ins and out of being in a relationship and what happens when we break up. Check out this clip of the documentary and look out for the full video soon on the Youth Channel.

Log on to www.youthchannel.org and find out info on how to be a part of the Youth Channel's YMIC Program and be an anchor on our news show!

November Show '10: Step Team Special Performance (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

As part of the D.A.M.N. Y.C. News show we like to have special guests. Check out the cool moves that this step team had to show us.

Log on to www.youthchannel.org and find out info on how to be a part of the Youth Channel family and be an anchor on our news show!

November Show '10: Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre part 2 (D.A.M.N. Y.C. News)

Let us take you out of this episode of DAMN YC News with a short clip of the performance at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre. http://www.prtt.org/ Log on to find out more about PRTT and how to get involved.

Log on to www.youthchannel.org and find out info on how to be a part of the Youth Channel family and be an anchor on our news show!


September Shot '10: Show Intro

September D.A.M.N. Y.C. NEWS. Intro.

September Shot '10: Hector Ramirez

Hector Ramirez came down to the studio to show us some of his breakdancing skills. Check out some of his moves and log on to www.youthchannel.org to get involved with all the media magic.

September Shot '10: Hip Hop 101

Malik Parker, is a MNN YC producer who has thoughts of creating a game show called Hip Hop 10. Malik Parker has been part of the Youth Channel since he was a young teen. In this segment he introduces his ideas for creating the first game show ever. www.youthchannel.org

September Shot '10: Music Trivia

Do you know how many solo albums Jay Z has had? How about Drake’s real name? Well the D.A.M.N. Y.C. News Reporters went out into the street to see if youth and other pedestrians knew some trivial info on some of our country’s pop icons. Check out this fun, light segment about Music Trivia.


September Shot '10: Ramsey Harrison Perf. Part 1

Ramsey Harrison comes down to the Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Youth Channel to perform two original songs. Check this out and see part 2 to this video for the second performance.


September Shot '10: Ramsey Harrison Perf. Part 2

Ramsey H. Performance part 2. Enjoy!



August Show '10: Bank Protest part 1

Have you ever been angry at the banks? Have you ever been denied a small business loan or felt that the bailout money that banks received should be spent making communities better rather than slipping into the pockets of CEO's. Check out this video and see how community group, "Community Voices Heard" makes it all happen. Check out this clip.

August Show '10: Music Videos, From Then to Now

Did you ever grow up dancing to the latest music videos? Well do you still dance to it now or is music even music anymore? A lot of people seem to agree that music video's these days has taken it over the top. What do you think? Check out this segment and see what some young people in the NYC streets think.

August Show '10: NYC Festival for Youth Artists and Leaders

In a big city like ours, sometimes amazing things aren't truly visible until you collect them together. We're extremely pleased to announce the first NYC Street Festival of Young Artists & Leaders. Check out this DAMN YC segment and see what went down this year.

August Show '10: Bank Protest part 2

This is the continuation to part 1.

Log on to youthchannl.org and join the team to become a producer and make a change.

August Show '10: Kelly Alana "You Could Be My Boyfriend"

Check out the wonderful sounds of Kelly Alana with "You could be my boyfriend."
If you want to be on the Youth Channel, please log on to youthchannel.org for more info.


July Show '10: Rebel Diaz Art Collective

RDAC or more known Rebel Diaz Arts collective is like a chill spot whose point is to promote activism and is a place where many artists go to express their emotions and to share their music.
Check out this cool chill space for artists of all kinds.
For more info google Rebel Diaz, and will find music, videos and more.


July Show '10: Judi's House

The vision of Judi's House is a community in which no child has to feel alone in grief. Their mission is to help children and families who are grieving the death of a loved one find hope and healing within themselves. Check out this segment and see how these youth heal.


July Show '10: Oversexed Youth

What is going on in today’s media? Are teens truly oversexed? We went out in the streets of NYC to see what people had to say about this issue. Check out this clip and stay tuned to DAMN YC NEWS.


July Show '10: ESPN Sports Day

Sports fans will have the opportunity to participate in various interactive sports-related games, demonstrations and giveaways as part of the Family Festival Street Fair. Check out this clip and tune in for more cool D.A.M.N. Y.C. News segments.


July Show '10: Fight Back- Catch Wrek

Catch Wreck is an Hip Hop artist who draws his lyrical influence from
the struggles faced by people of color. His song "Fight Back" serves
as a protest against the oppression caused by police. Check out the
video for this song directed by Rene Dongo.



DAMN YC NEW June 2010

DAMN YC News June '10 show opener.

June Show '10: Big

The YC was on the scene for the special screening of the classic movie "Big" at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. Everyone had a blast enjoying classic carnival-style fun on the waterfront including face painters, fortune tellers, games, trivia contests, music and more before the screening of this beloved comedy. Check out the interviews that were conducted by DAMN YC New’s Producers. Check it out!


June Show '10: Trivia

We went out into the streets of Manhattan to ask Straphangers what they knew or didn't know about, How Many Trains are there in the MTA system? The responses were interesting. Check out this segment and see what Leydiana finds.


June Show '10: "Birth of Big Air"

At another Tribeca Film Festival Drive-in Screening, there were BMX street tricks and freestyle demonstrations took place on the upper and lower plazas to highlight the world premiere of this new ESPN Films documentary "Birth of Big Air". There was a
spectacular stunt extravaganza featuring BMX pioneer Mat Hoffman, a.k.a. “The Condor.” Jorge was on the scene at this event, so check out this what kind of people and activities that were available. Enjoy!


June Show '10: PSA

Check out some PSAs from our June Episode of D.A.M.N.!


June Show '10: AJ "Louder"

Born and Raised in the city of Boston, A.J brings the energy with lyrical ingenuity in his debut video "Louder" directed by Rene Dongo. Check it out!


June Show '10: Free Speech Animation

This segment is an animation depicts visuals that about free speech. It’s a message to all of us, saying that censorship is something the US as citizens must fight against. It’s very interesting and catches the eye.

Check it out!



April Show '10: C None of the Above

When you turn on your television, what do you choose to watch? How diverse is the programming that you consume? This video brings up the idea of an alternative choice to the "monopolized media". An alternative voice. Check this out!

For more info on www.ncac.org

Log on to www.youthchannel.org

April Show '10: Lost Expression

This short video entitled Lost Expression is about censorship. Censorship can be seen as a clear violation of the first amendment, against the natural freedom of speech. What do you believe. Check it out!

For more info on www.ncac.org

Log on to www.youthchannel.org

April Show '10: The Last Man Standing Competiton

The Last Man Standing comp. seeks to bring to together the aggressive roller bladers in an effort to preserve a culture that has been shunned and forgotten by the mainstream action sports community. Remember when skating wasn't as "dead"? This clip might revive your interests. Be Active. Play sports!

Log on to www.youthchannel.org

April Show '10: Dedication Short Doc

Youth Movement Records (YMR) is a youth-driven media arts organization inspiring under-served urban youth, ages 13-19, to engage in learning, leadership and positive community involvement. YMR involves youth through music, mentoring and entrepreneurship in order to reduce violence, develop skills and create community change. YMR is a non-profit 501c3 organization.

For more info, Log on to www.youthmovementrecords.com

April Show '10: Dedication Music Video

Founded in 2003, Youth Movement Records was the first organization to use the model of a recording company to engage youth in leadership, artistic development and community involvement. YMR engages hundreds of young people annually with project-based workshops and hands-on opportunities to produce original music, events and media. Check out this music video produced by YMR.

For more info on www.ncac.org

Log on to www.youthchannel.org


March Show '10: Fashion

Youth Channel's DAMN YC NEWS Producers went out onto the streets and asked people what their fashion sense is like and who influences them. Check out this clip on youth and fashion.

For info about the Youth Channel, Log on to www.youthchannel.org

March Show '10: OMG YC Screening

The Youth Channel held their OMG YC Screening at the Harlem School of the Arts. The audience watched on and enjoyed the short films made for and by young people.

For More info about The Harlem School of the Arts, log on to www.harlemschoolofthearts.org

Log on to www.youthchannel.org to see what other events Youth Channel will be having.

March Show '10: The Silence

The Silence- This video shows the injustice of the government towards the opinions of its citizens. Are you silence?

For info about the Youth Channel, Log on to www.youthchannel.org

March Show '10: Top Movies of 2009

The Youth Channel team took on the task of picking their top five favorite movies of 2009.

For information about the Youth Channel, log on to www.youthchannel.com


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January Show '10: Harlem River

Poet/ Actor Eugene Jones speaks in powerful words about an at risk youth that was left behind. This tale is a common one and the dialogue needs to be reintroduced to support misguided youth everywhere with similar issues. For more info on Eugene Jones and his work log on to slangshotmedia.com


January Show '10: UNICEF

In 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child became the first legally binding international convention to affirm human rights for all children. While great progress has been made on child rights in the past 20 years, much work remains to be done. Check out this clip featuring some youth activists from around the world that proactively fight for child rights. The event vibe was hopeful and now it is up to us to be the change, in support of this great cause. For more info on UNICEF and their events, log on to Unicef.org


January Show '10: Yellow Girl (Short Film)

"The Yellow Girl" is a short film directed By Wilian Ferman Starring: Nicholas Marratta as Till Gogh Blaine Morris as The Yellow Girl Inspired by "Yellow" a song by the British band Coldplay. This is a silent film, so the story is told through imagery and a musical soundtrack. What is this film about you? Check it out!


January Show '10: Y.M.I.C. starts this month!

The Youth Channels Youth Media Impacting Communities Program begins this month! All the youth in the program will be featured in promos, T.V. productions and more. Look out for fresh faces in our Youth Channel Programming, and more up-and-coming, aspiring producers and filmmakers. For more info on the Y.M.I.C. program and what its about, log on to youthchannel.org and click on the Y.M.I.C. link.