March Show '09: D.A.M.N. YC: INTRO

It’s Defense Against Media Nonsense.

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March Show '09: CoCo Piela and YMR intro

Youth Movement Records is a youth-driven media arts organization inspiring under-served urban youth, to engage in learning, leadership and positive community involvement. YMR involves youth through music, mentoring and entrepreneurship in order to reduce violence, develop skills and create community change. For more info on youth movement records, log on to YouthMovementRecords.org

March Show '09: Dedication documentary short

When friends are being killed, the Oakland youth aren’t just going to sit around, they make their voices heard. This next video shows how and why this video was made with help from Youth Movement Records.

March Show '09: Dedication Music Video

So here it is, a truly inspiring video, "Dedication".

March Show '09: Youth Speak Out: Public Access Hearing

Young people stand up and speak about the importance of cable access and youth media in their lives, and why it should be better funded and stronger supported by corporate media outlets such as TimeWarner/ RCN . For more info saving access, visit MNN.org.