April Show '06: DAMN YC @ LIVEWIRE

Youth Channel producers and trainers will be present at LIVEWIRE in Brooklyn doing taping and interviewing on Saturday and doing a Mind Over Media workshop on Sunday.


April Show '06: Transit Strike Segment

(D.A.M.N. Y.C. news) Defense Against Media Nonsense Youth Channel News is a youth made program that allows youth to have their voices heard under the format of news reporting. During the heated transit strike, mainstream media depicted the occurences of the strike in a somehwat bias way, both the youth a the youth channel show it from all sides. Their was interviews with supporters, those against and those in between, when i t comes to the transit strike in New York City. This is a very hot segment.

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April Show '06: N.Y.C. Youth Media Organizations Lineup

The Youth Channel highlights works from other non-profit organizations in New York City and their works in youth media. Young media makers make movies, we show them on the youth channel; Pretty simple right! This clip is to let the world know about their works and you can catch all their work as well as many others on the Youth Channel.

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April Show '06: Youth Film Festival Lineup Promo

The Youth Channel highlights some of the best works of young filmmakers from different film festivals around the city by airing them. This promo is about letting you know when to watch it and what day. There are a lot of great submissions... Don't miss out!

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April Show '06: Raging Grannies Protest

In times of war, families are torn. Some are worried about their loved ones, others encourage the war to act as a "cleanser" of all "terrorism". A group of older women activists made it their personal business to protest against the United States government, and all of their efforts in recruiting young people to be sent out to war. These elderly women try to recruit themselves. They sang songs of angst, and marched valiantly to Times Square to have their voices heard. Check out the video produced by D.A.M.N. Y.C. News. .....also get more info and press coverage at NYC Grannies Against the War homepage


April Show '06: Taking it to the Streets promo

Taking it to the streets is a new youth channel show that dables in the issues that affect the youth activist community. It airs on channel 34, Mondays a 8:00 p.m., as well as on mnn.org on the web.
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April Show '06: FAKE NEWS!!!!

click images to watch fake news clips.
learn more about this issue and the campaign to STOP fake news at: Free Press

Sinclair Terrorizes with ‘I-Porn’
Faux tech-expert Robin Raskin offers video games as the antidote to “scary” pornographic i-Pods. What Raskin doesn’t mention is that she’s on the payroll of the companies whose products she’s pushing.

Clear Channel Delivers a Placebo
Carrie Lazarus hails a dietary supplement as a “major health breakthrough” for arthritis sufferers. She fails to point out that the sponsor of the VNR manufactures the supplement, nor mention that it barely outperforms a placebo.

Fox Sweetens the Pitch
“Parenting expert” Julie Edelman advises viewers to throw a “Hide and Glow” scavenger hunt featuring brand-name M&M candies. What the station didn’t reveal is that it lifted the entire segment from a VNR co-funded by Masterfoods (formerly the M&M/Mars Company).


April Show '06: Stories From Wiretap...

Aborting Young Women's Rights

By Emily Olfson and David Simpkins, Children's PressLine. Posted April 6, 2006.

Students Defy Lockdowns, Continue Walkouts

Aura Bogado, The NewStandard. March 30, 2006.
News: For a fourth consecutive schoolday, high school students leave campuses to protest national anti-immigrant legislation.

Students Protest Anti-Immigrant Bill

Students Protest Anti-Immigrant Bill

Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now!. March 29, 2006.
News: Thousands of high school students walked out of their schools this week to protest the anti-immigrant House bill.


April Show '06: Rally for Immigration Rights 4-10

*Rally for Immigrant Rights!*

Monday, April 10, 2006
Converge at Battery Park @ 3PM (until 7PM)
Get off on any Train near the South End of Manhattan

For more info check out: