August Show '10: Bank Protest part 1

Have you ever been angry at the banks? Have you ever been denied a small business loan or felt that the bailout money that banks received should be spent making communities better rather than slipping into the pockets of CEO's. Check out this video and see how community group, "Community Voices Heard" makes it all happen. Check out this clip.

August Show '10: Music Videos, From Then to Now

Did you ever grow up dancing to the latest music videos? Well do you still dance to it now or is music even music anymore? A lot of people seem to agree that music video's these days has taken it over the top. What do you think? Check out this segment and see what some young people in the NYC streets think.

August Show '10: NYC Festival for Youth Artists and Leaders

In a big city like ours, sometimes amazing things aren't truly visible until you collect them together. We're extremely pleased to announce the first NYC Street Festival of Young Artists & Leaders. Check out this DAMN YC segment and see what went down this year.

August Show '10: Bank Protest part 2

This is the continuation to part 1.

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August Show '10: Kelly Alana "You Could Be My Boyfriend"

Check out the wonderful sounds of Kelly Alana with "You could be my boyfriend."
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