November Show '07: DAMN YC NEWS Talent: HBB

If you think you have talent, email the Production Coordinator at the Youth Channel. You can be in our studios , doing what you do best. We want all talents. Singers, Dancers, Poets, Rappers, Artists....We want it all!

Contact the Production Coordinator at youth@youthchanel.org.
Visit the Youth Channel Website: www.youthchannel.org

November Show '07: Barack Obama Rally Sept. 27th

Protestors and supporters gather as Barack Obama makes his way to NYC. In Washington Park on Sept 27th, he came to speak about his issues and to introduce himself to a crowd of potential voters. Malik Parker, one of the Y.C.'s very own Youth Producers filmed this event.
Check out what some college students and High schoolers think about Barack coming to their city!

November Show '07: The Jena 6 Walkout

In October this year, College students walked out of class to support the fight to free the Jena 6. In Washington Square Park, Kids from NYU and other neighboring high schools came out to shout chants of protest, meanwhile holding up signed that read "Justice for the Jena 6". It was cool to see young people come together to really speak out on an issue as grim as this one. Check this segment out, and never forget....the Jena 6!

Novemeber Show '07: Hip Hip Beyond Beats and Rhymes

A few weeks ago there was a screening of a documentary about hip hop culture, the controversial lyrics and the defilement of woman in hip hop. The documentary was called "Hip Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes" . After the screening of this film, there a panel discussion with artists such as La Bruja, Tim 'm West and Talib Kweli and more. Check out what some hip hop heads have to say about hip hop, where its been, and where its going. Enjoy!

November Show '07: D.A.M.N. Y.C. End of Show

I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of DAMN Y.C. news. Hopefully you guys learned something, as well as enjoyed yourselves. You can check out all these clips and more on the blog site Damnyc.blogspot.com. Info on other Y.C. websites are posted as links on this site as well. Before we go, we are going to leave you with another performance by H.B.B. This song is entitled "Ce Family". Have a good week NYC!