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If you want to find out about MNN Youth Channels internship opportunities, free tours, our free classes, in house programs and more...
Log on To: youthchannel.org is the place to be. Log on to youthchannel.org and see the possibilities.

Youth Channel's Peer Trainers Blog

Peer Trainers go out into the community and produce short videos with first-time, youth media makers, then they post them on-line. Check out these cool videos and see the possibilities for you and your youth organization. Log on mnnyouthchannel.blogspot.com

Youth Channel's Myspace Page

What's up young world! If your on Myspace and your not MNN youth channels friend then your really slacking on your networking! Friend us, and get in the know about what's happening over at the YC.

Youth Channel's D.A.M.N. Y.C. News blog

If you want to see all the clips from MNN Youth Channels news show entitled 'DAMN YC NEWS' please log on to the blog site for air dates, clips from the show and more. damnyc.blogspot.com

Youth Channel's Youtube Page

If you like cool, fun videos that are made by young people just like you, then you need to visit youtube and suscribe to youthchannel's growing youtube page.

Youth Channel's Twitter Page

What's up tweeters. I know you all got twitter pages by now ,so don't front. Follow the Youth Channel's twitter page and see what we are working on, what shows on air and more! Follow a pioneer channel by and for youth made media. Follow the YC.