October Show '07: DAMN YC NEWS BP Tablists, Event Goers and Performers

DAMN Y.C. News producers ask organizations that had information tables, performers and block party event goers what they thought about the event. The producers needed to know who is who and made a point to ask everyone. If you were at the block party, you probably got interviewed by the DAMN crew.
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October Show '07: DAMN YC NEWS End of Block Party

The DAMN YC News Producers had so much fun at this Block Party. With all the interviews, meeting the great people of the East Harlem community, giving out artificial tatoos for kids, dancing to the music and painting on the mural. If you want to know more about the Youth Channel log on to www.youthchannel.org.
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October Show '07: DAMN YC NEWS BP The Mural, Some History and More

DAMN Y.C. News Producers, Andrea and Elodie talk top performers, event tablists, and event goers about there thoughts on M.N.N. moving to the Firehouse for the September 15th Block Party in East Harlem. People were having fun! You should of been there people! Luckily the DAMN Producers captured this event for you to still experience. Check it out.

October Show '07: DAMN YC NEWS BP Press Conference

City Officials, the State Senator, Executive Directors and all gathered in front of the firehouse to commend MNN and the Youth Channel foir acquiring this space. In the East Harlem concrete, grew a rose. That rose is MNN's sattelite. They speak about all the positive ways that this new facility can promote positive change in it's sorrounding community. Here what some powerful political figures have to say about the Firehouse. Check it out!

October Show '07: DAMN YC NEWS Block Party Music

DAMN YC News Producers, Andrea and Elodie talk about how the music performances went down for the September 15th Block Party in East Harlem. It was fun! There was Bomba, Salsa, Reggae, Rap, Rock n Roll and more. The music truely represented the community and was a great way to get people moving and excited about MNN moving to their neighborhood. Check out the cool performances.